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Subject: noun 1. steady persistence in a course of action, a purpose, a state, etc., especially in spite of ...
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<brending><brending>Lori, This is the first of a series provided for you to 
review and forward to the appropriate end user. I Love You Laura Zarlino Create 
Your Page Business Development Services Check-in are a few of the assets we own. 
We own millions of links all with an asset value of some worth. During a 
conversation today with Danielle she informed me you advised here to secure the 
links I created for her with her MX Record at  As you know 
the Columbus Project as well as other doors of opportunity are open for all to 
see, it's the fact that you know how to funnel the right message to the right 
person at the right time without taking credit is the trick on line. When Marko 
and I invented the portmanteau some folks call a neologism on March 9th, March 
9th, 2011 and I told the guys at they 
immediately picked up on concept and forwarded my work to Ford Motor Company.  
All of this #RDFa will be hosted on open source for any end user to read.  I 
love you with all my heart and will do whatever it takes to repair the feeling 
you had for me to told me about today. Looking forward is important to as well 
as learning from the past. Your passion for life long learning has always 
attracted me to you as well as your beautiful eyes. I See You was not just a 
choice of words when creating our namespace in various groups on many platforms 
that launch every day to earn an income. You told me the other day that the 
music video email you watched was the best one yet. The hole in the wall started 
based on those processes and our life has never been the same since. I am in 
love with you not the internet, the internet is how I work. If I worked for any 
other company in the world they would have me do what do here in our office in 
our hometown in our life for them. I don't have to fake it till I make it, with 
the right angels and the proper funding from variours resource our invention 
will take hold in our life and my prayer is to provide those assets to you Lori, 
the love of my life.  The advice you gave me the other day is sound and relevant 
related research proves you right. The fact we both want peach and happiness as 
well as quite enjoyment are perfect examples to provide any couple starting out 
a new life as well as the remaining life we have together. 
I remember those days when you couldn't  wait to be in the same room with me and 
understand to light that fire again will require change.  Most folks don't like 
change and enjoy the seeking greener grass.  My hope today is to start anew and 
will forgiveness in my heart. I love you Lori. My fondest memorior of my father 
is him calling me Duke.  My foundest memory of you is when you said yes for the 
first time and the first kiss.  Some folks call me Your Car Guy Your Navy Guy 
Brending Klout Coach Z among others, I pray that you continue to call me your 
Signed ~~~~ 
You're number one fan, player, captain, coach, domestic, international 
[polldaddy rating="5957325"] 
John D. Zarlino 
+1.(347) ZAR-LINO 
Co Hwy 1f 
1045 Pike St SW 
Township of Etna, Oh. 43018 
S-Corp Cover Your Assets II | An Ohio Company 
Owner Cinema City at Market Place Movie Tavern 
a division of Your Assets Team LLC uri5= 
<brending><pig><div><brending> (Digital 
Media Picked at Ford Motor Company picked up on this in less than seven 
uri4= connects to every phone in the world that allows 
the application to function on the PDA) 
All Rights Reserved RT #brending noun  1. steady persistence in a course of 
action, a purpose, a state, etc., especially in spite of difficulties, 
obstacles, or discouragement. 2.  Theology. continuance in a state of grace to 
the end, leading to eternal salvation  ---><bcc> | COPY 
OUR CHILDREN LUKE DANIELLE ANTHONY</bcc></mailtwcdomailmessagecompose></brending
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Who invented the portmanteau brending?